Build It Green! NYC

Time for an update!! 

First, I managed to get some better pictures of the backyard. 

Garden Entrance
Here’s how the garden looks when you first walk out the door.
Storage/Compost Area
Storage area for now. To the right where that table is, is where the compost bin will go. Right next to the door for easy access.
Chill Spot
Nice little hang out area in the corner.
Ugly Tree
This is the sad looking Sophora japonica that resides in the corner next to the hang out spot. I’m personally a proponent of removing it entirely so as to give the backyard a bit more much needed light, but as a quick and temporary fix, we could prune back its dead spots and hope it survives. It doesn’t look very healthy overall though, and has many watersprouts growing from it’s trunk, which is a sign of stress.

Don’t get too attached though, it won’t look like this for long, as we have developed a better layout plan.  We have created a Dynascape drawing of it, which will be posted for your viewing pleasure sometime next week.

One last thing in the pictures department:

A good sign for the strength of the local bird populations, there was a mourning dove who laid some eggs up in one of the window sills. The baby has since hatched and flown off, but it’s good to see that the local bird population is thriving.

And now for a status update:

Yesterday, Isaac and Brian went to this great place called Build It Green! NYC.  Build It Green! NYC is a non-profit retail store that reclaims materials from demolition sites and sells them at half the regular price if they were new.  They have a featured items section on their website, so you can see some of the best stuff they have right now.  Here’s some of the fantastic things they’ve done:

  • Kept 450 tons of building materials of out the landfill.
  • Provided $250,000 of material support to other non-profit and arts organizations.
  • Saved New Yorkers nearly $1 million on purchases.
  • Provided a site for 120 green collar trainees in partnership with CWE.

 So, Isaac and Brian went there to get lumber to build the stairs up to the roof.  Once that happens, we’ll be able to lug our creations up to the roof to bring life to a formerly dead landscape.  I feel like Dr. Frankenstein. 

We have also constructed a dual chambered compost bin, based on a plan available for free on the internet.  I will update when I have pictures and when I find out where our plan was from exactly, but here’s a great site with at least 15 different plans for DIY compost bins.

We also treated our bin with chemical sensitive, low VOC wood sealer, which means no harmful or toxic chemicals will leak into our compost, but the wood won’t decay!

So we’re hoping to get the stairs assembled within the next week, and then we can assemble the bins and get them filled with flowers to prepare for the arrival of the bees, which is May 7th – just two weeks away!  We have a lot to do in not a lot of time…wish us luck!

Your Friends,


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